Fumee Lake Natural Area

Limnological Testing      Transparency / Visibility

Transparency / Visibility has to do with the the effect that light has on the water in a lake. Light has an effect on the whole series of biological events in the water. A common device used to determine water transparency or visibility is a Secchi Disk; a black and white disk, 20 cm (about 8 inches) in diameter. The Secchi disk is attached to a calibrated line and is lowered into the water to the depth at which it disappears. The disk is then lifted until it reappears. The arithmetic mean of the two depths is considered the Secchi disk transparency or limit of visibility.

The Secchi disk reading for Fumee Lake was 3.0 meters. When this measurement is compared with other Michigan lakes (116 were measured), Fumee Lake ranks at the 69th lake. This means that 69 lakes in Michigan have clearer water than Fumee Lake. Little Fumee Lake has a reading of 3.2 meters which ranks the lake at 63rd in the state.

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